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WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve officials were worried about an adverse market reaction when they made their first tentative moves in 2013 to pull back on the massive suppor

Already-jittery US stock markets shot lower on Thursday following another remark from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The central bank chief has been unusually outspoken in recent weeks with comments that seemed to be geared at calming nervous investors but an offhand comment at an event Thursday had the opposite effect.

Transcripts released by the Federal Reserve on Friday revealed the extent of then-governor Jerome Powell’s concerns about the central bank’s 2013 stimulus program of bond purchases.

Jerome Powell argued forcefully to end the Federal Reserve's bond-buying program in his early days at the central bank in 2013, leavening the often tense discussions with humor and a comparison of then-Fed chief Ben Bernanke to U.S. basketball star LeBron James.

Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen—after fighting financial crises and anemic economic growth as Federal Reserve leaders—are turning their attention to a different problem: How women are treated in their own profession.